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Sequence Six Pack (With Pure Imagination Bonus)

Regular price $150.00 USD
Regular price $225.00 USD Sale price $150.00 USD

Looking for the most cost-effective way of buying sequences at Innovative Sequences? You've found it!

Our Sequence Six Pack is a gimmick-free to get the best pricing on our sequences while retaining flexibility. Here is how it works:

-Purchase a Sequence Six Pack for $150.00 and receive 6 unique download codes for regular-length sequences of your choice (Please note that our Best of Frozen sequence is not a redeemable sequence with this offer). Your cost per sequence is $25, which is even lower than our $30-35 introductory sale rate on most new sequences for 2024.

-Purchased download codes do not expire, and they may be used at any time. Codes will be provided within 24 hours of purchase via e-mail. Codes are not transferable to/redeemable by other customers, but they do not expire.

-As a one-time bonus, for a limited time, purchasers of a Sequence Six Pack will receive one free bonus sequence ("Pure Imagination" by Timothée Chalamet, as featured in the recent hit film, "Wonka").