About InnovativeSequences

At InnovativeSequences, we create stunning xLights sequences, but we do it differently: by bringing the individual musical elements of each musical selection to life through meticulous attention to detail and innovative effects. Let our professional background in music performance and music composition add new elements to your display!

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  • Musically-designed

    We are composers and musicians first, xLights sequencers second. Each of our sequences is created following an exhaustive analysis of a musical selection's form, structure, and melodic and harmonic elements. Beethoven would be proud!

  • Adaptable

    Our sequences utilize an even dose of whole house effects, common groups, and individual prop effects, making them easy to import and map to your display in minutes!

  • Detail-oriented

    Save dozens (or hundreds) of hours and let us do the work of creating painstakingly-detailed sequences and effects to dazzle your audiences.