Black Friday/Anniversary Bundle #1 (2023)

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On mobile and looking for preview videos of each sequence? Look above and use the arrows to scroll.

This November, we're celebrating Innovative Sequences' third anniversary with can't-miss Black Friday deals! It's our way of giving back a little to a community and hobby that has done so much for us. 

This sequence bundle will add a mix of Christmas cheer (Christmas in Our Hearts by Pentatonix and Lea Salonga), high-adrenaline (Ice Storm by Lindsey Stirling), and current pop chart hits (Anti-Hero by Taylor Swift and Kungs), all at a fraction of the cost you'd typically expect. 

Check out the video previews below for each sequence!

What’s in this bundle? Full, professional quality sequences normally showcased in our store, on our standard high density layout (includes all HD props shown), with lyric tracks, as applicable.

When in doubt, we recommend opening the sequence on our store layout in a second instance of xLights to see how groups are used, and then you can easily create a plan to import effects onto your props and groups, as desired. 

As always, MP3 files are not included with each sequence, but they may be easily and inexpensively purchased on Amazon or other similar online resources. Please see the individual links below for the MP3s we purchased when creating each sequence.

Christmas in Our Hearts - Pentatonix

Ice Storm - Lindsey Stirling

Anti-Hero - Taylor Swift and Kungs (available on Apple Music)