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Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne

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Legendary rockstar Ozzy Osbourne's iconic solo debut packs the punches, with ambiguous lyrics that seemingly critique modern society, share concerns about the Cold War, and highlight mental health concerns. "Crazy Train" is listed as one of the best rock songs of all-time, and our sequence highlights its superb musical elements (guitar and bass riffs, grunge/distortion, and a jekyl-and-hyde-like mashup of two very different rock sounds within the song form) with a unique color palette, subtle layering, and unique use of shaders. While this sequence was crafted using our Halloween layout, it could easily be mapped to Christmas or all-seasons layouts, as sequencing is primarily done at the group level.

Innovative Sequences does not sell music and/or video files with sequences. The music used in this sequence may be purchased on Amazon and other places where music is sold. When possible, video files used in sequences are included as a free courtesy; however, the end user is responsible for obtaining proper rights to all materials.