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Dance the Night - Dua Lipa

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Turn the music up and come along for the ride as pop icon Dua Lipa brings unmatched disco pop energy to your display. Featured in the 2023 hit movie, Barbie, "Dance the Night" is a song about dancing through sadness and features catchy vocals, a slick, funky bass line, and dazzling string samples throughout. The sequence highlights a brilliant color palette, groovy layered effects, and precise timings that are sure to wow your viewers. Click here to see a visual of our 2024 Christmas layout with high density props labeled. 

Innovative Sequences does not sell music and/or video files with sequences. The music used in this sequence may be purchased on Amazon and other places where music is sold. When possible, video files used in sequences are included as a free courtesy; however, the end user is responsible for obtaining proper rights to all materials.