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Don't Start Now - Dua Lipa

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Get your audience dancing and grooving with this top dance hit and Tik Tok sensation from Dua Lipa. This sequence includes our Dua Lipa singing face and lyric track at no additional cost.

Our standard HD-layout includes the following:
-Basics: Horizontals/Verticals, Mini Trees, Mini Stars, Arches, 16X50 Mega Tree, 24X100 Mega Tree, Star Toppers, Small Matrix, Large Matrix, Boscoyo small present and medium present matrix, Gilbert Engineering A and B Flakes, Boscoyo ChromaFlake 12 inch (3 prong)
-HD Elements: EFLake24 and EFLake 36, Gilbert Engineering Steampunk Spinner, Gilbert Engineering Rosa Grande,  PPD Wreath, Gilbert Engineering Grand Illusion, and EFL Showstopper Snowflake, 5 node Peace Stakes (Groups and sub-models are utilized extensively).

You will want to arrange display element groups to render in the following order: EFL Flakes - Spinners All, EFL Flakes All - Pedal Spinners, Arches, Horizontals/Peaks, Verticals, All Snowflakes, Snowflakes Every Other Group 1, Snowflakes Every Other Group 2, Candy Canes, EFL Flakes All - Big Spokes, GE A Flakes 50 node, GE B Flakes 50 node, Boscoyo 12 inch Flakes, All Presents, All Peace Stakes, HD props (This is note a group, but simply notes where HD props shall be placed in render order).

The audio file is not included for this sequence but may be purchased here