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Enemy - Imagine Dragons and JID

Regular price $35.00 USD
Regular price $59.00 USD Sale price $35.00 USD
"Enemy" is the fifth top-10 hit from Imagine Dragons in the last decade, and for good reason. The song (and our xLights sequence) features plenty of dynamic build-ups, a catchy chorus, and all-around creepy vibe that will delight your audience.

This sequence utilizes our standard HD layout at no extra cost and includes the following models:

-Basics: Horizontals/Verticals, Mini Trees, Mini Stars, Arches, 16X50 Mega Tree, 24X100 Mega Tree, Spider Toppers, Small Matrix, Large Matrix, Cats, Ghosts, Bats, and Black Widow Spiders
-HD Elements: Gilbert Engineering Steampunk Spinner, Gilbert Engineering Rosa Grande,  PPD Wreath, Gilbert Engineering Grand Illusion, and EFL Showstopper Snowflake 

The audio file is not included with the sequence, but it may be purchased here.

Special note: Please open the sequence as purchased and take special note of group usage and submodeling in all spiders, as they may not flawlessly import using the standard import method. Also, in order to incorporate the black spider crawling across the display, you will need to create a second "All" group (if you name yours "All 2" it will import easily via auto mapping) and place it at the bottom of your display elements for best results.