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Put a Light on Me - Sam Ryder

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From Eurovision contestant Sam Ryder's debut album, "Put a Light on Me" has been hailed as a "moody dance pop" tune, and it delivers. 

This xLights sequence utilizes our brand new 2023 layout, which includes the following groups, models, and sub-models, sequenced in the order listed below:

Groups: All House Pixels (Whole House), Lower Icicles, Upper Icicles, Horizontals and Verticals, Horizontals and Peaks, Verticals, All Matrices, All Arches (Single), Fan Matrix Arches, EFL Flying Bats (Faces, Lower Wings, Upper Wings), All Spiders, Spiders Every Other Group 1, Spiders Every Other Group 2, GE 150 Node Preying Spiders (Crawlys 1, Crawlys 2, Crawlys 3, Crawlys 4, Crawlys 5, Crawlys 6, Crawlys 7, Crawlys 8; Crawlys - All, Crosses, Mouths), Boscoyo Spiders (All Bodies, Eyes, Hour Glasses, Legs All, Legs 1, Legs 2, Legs 3, Legs 4, Legs 5, Legs 6, Legs 7, Legs 8; Mouths), GE Ghosts, Sarah Flakes (Arms All), Boscoyo Small Bats, GE Flying Bats (Eyes, Wings Down, Wings Up, Peace Stakes - All, Peace Stakes - Row 1 (closest to front of display), Peace Stakes - Row 2, Peace Stakes - Row 3. Peace Stakes - Row 4, Peace Stakes - Row 5, Peace Stakes - Row 6, Peace Stakes - Row 7, Peace Stakes - Row 8, GE Preying Spider 350 (Cross, Eye, Leg, Mouth)

High Density Models: GE Grand Illusion, GE Rosa Grande, GE Steampunk Spinner, GE Kings Ransom, Boscoyo Ice Queen Snowflake, EFL Showstopper Snowflake, Matrices (4x8 and Garage Matrix), Sphere, Mega Tree 16x50, Mega Tree 24x100

Individual Models: 6 Mini Trees and 7 Boscoyo Megastone RIPs

The audio is not included with sequence purchase but can be found here.