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Rush - Wubbaduck

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This hard-hitting, dubstep-style sequence packs a wallop. . . and the second half hits even harder. 

This sequence can easily be mapped for any show - Halloween, Christmas, July 4. . . 

From little-known artist Wubbaduck, Rush makes a nice opener or interlude to any show and showcases a dazzling array of colors to really show off the nimbleness of your display. It's bright, in your face, and uncompromising.

The MP3 for this sequence is not included with purchase but can be purchased here.

This sequence uses the following groups in the order listed below (top to buttom):
All, Whole House (No Yard, No Mega Trees), RIP Megastones, Spider Legs (Odds), Spider Legs (Evens), Verticals, Horiztonals/Peaks, Mini Trees All, Mini Stars All, HD House Props All, Mega Tree 16x50, Mega Tree 24x100, Small Matrix, Garage Matrix