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Sleepless Nights - Wubbaduck ft. MONXX

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If you're looking for something. . . creepy, but not TOO creepy. . . you've found it.

This sequence will take you back in time to the days of watching scary movies on VHS, being afraid of the dark, and playing Five Nights at Freddies. 

This dubstep-style song from Wubbaduck and MONXX features an eery sound, surprising sound effects, and some nice Easter eggs (balloons, Pennywise, and animatronic characters from FNAF) throughout the accompanying sequence. 

This sequence utilizes our standard HD layout at no extra cost and includes the following-

Groups: Whole House, Whole House - No Upper Matrix, Yard - All, Horizontals and Verticals, Horizontals and Peaks, Verticals, Column Matrices, Arches, EFL Flying Bats (and various submodels), GE Flying Bats (and various submodels), Spiders - Every Other Group 1, Spiders - Every Other Group 2, GE 150 Spiders - All Crawlys, Boscoyo Spiders - All Legs, Ghosts (and various submodels), Small Bats, Peace Stakes, GE Grand Illusion, GE Rosa Grande, GE Steampunk Spinner, GE Kings Ransom, Boscoyo Ice Queen Snowflake, Showstopper Snowflake, 4x8 Matrix, Garage Matrix, 24x100 Mega Tree, 16x50 Mega Tree, All - Brightness Control.

Note: To get overlay effects of flying bats and the crawling spider, your All - Brightness Control group must be placed at the bottom of your Master View in order to properly render effects.

The MP3 file is NOT included with the sequence package but it may be purchased here.