Wrap Me Up - Meghan Trainor and Jimmy Fallon

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From late-night host Jimmy Fallon and the talented Meghan Trainor, "Wrap Me Up" is a hilarious bop that will delight your viewers. 

This sequence utilizes our brand new expanded 2023 layout, which includes the following groups, models, and sub-models, sequenced in the order listed below:

Groups: Whole House - No Yard or Mega Trees, Arches (single), Fan Matrix Arches, GE Insane Arch, GE Insane Cane, Upper Icicles, Lower Icicles, Horizontals and Verticals, Mini Trees - All, Mini Stars - All, Candy Canes - All, Snowflakes - All, Snowflakes - Every Other - Group 1, Snowflakes - Every Other - Group 2, Ice Princess 23 inch Flakes - Arms, Ice Princess - Tips, Sarah Flake - Arms, Sarah Flake - Tips, EFL 24 inch Snowflakes - All, EFL 36 inch Snowflakes - All, EFL Snowflake Pedal Spinners - All, EFL Snowflakes - All Big Spokes, EFL Snowflakes - All Bursts, EFL Snowflakes - All Little Spokes, GE 50 node A Flakes - All Arms, GE 50 node B Flakes - All Arms, GE 50 Node A Flakes - All Flakes, GE 50 Node B Flakes - All Flakes, GE 50 Node A and B Flakes - Individual Balls 1-6 (separate groups for each numbered ball), Boscoyo Presents (small and medium) - All, Peace Stakes - All.

High Density Models: GE Grand Illusion, GE Rosa Grande, GE Steampunk Spinner, GE Kings Ransom, GE Fuzion, GE Warlock, EFL Showstopper Spinner, Boscoyo Ice Queen, EFL Showstopper Snowflake, Charlee's Props Infinity Spinner, Charlee's Props 36 Mandala Flake, Charlee's Props Fusion, Garage Matrix, Matrix - 4x8 .95 inch, Sphere, Mega Tree - 16x50, Mega Tree - 24x100, Large Tree Topper, Small Tree Topper.

The mp3 file is not included but may be purchased here.